WOW! Thank you for coming to the D-SKO FITNESS Family Concert Kickoff and making it an unforgettable night. D-SKO is absolutely nothing without YOU! We’re humbled and grateful that you joined us for this special moment in D-SKO history. We had nearly 200 people dancing and gangsta squatting with us!! Way to bring it! We’re proud of you D-SKO CREW! 👏👏👌

We want to keep the appreciation going for supporters like you.

📸 Here’s a photo gallery from the fitness concert: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AqQYr26Rgc6nhySKL4keubNgvXEs

We look forward to seeing you soon! Let’s encourage everyone to Do Some Kind Of Fitness! 💪

WHAT IS D-SKO?       

D-SKO… The Fitness Concert! What do you get when you combine a music concert with a group fitness class?


D-SKO Fitness is a hybrid workout program with elements of hip-hop, kickboxing and boot camp all mixed together. It’s taught in a darkened room with club lighting, sick bangin’ beats and high energy, engaging emcees that take it to the next level. The focus is on easy repeatable dance moves so you can learn it fast, get into and have fun!

D-SKO Fitness is more than a workout it’s an entertaining experience! It’s all about the right music, the right moves and the right atmosphere! D-SKO has a distinct street style and attitude that comes with it. It’s cool not sexy, tough not corny. Each powerful move is synched to the beat and seamlessly blended with kicks, jabs and hooks as well as mountain climbers, plank jacks and squats. So not only will your heart race but you’ll strengthen and sculpt your muscles with this full body workout. If you go all out you can burn 800+ calories. No matter what, you’ll feel exhilarated, drenched with sweat and accomplished!

Oh, and what’s with the name D-SKO? We encourage everyone to “DSome Kind Of Fitness”.

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