Meet the Coach

Corey Sims has been a personal trainer for 20 years. He worked at a number of different health clubs and started his own training business in 2007. A number of years ago, as a boot camp instructor, he decided to add some easy to follow hip-hop moves to keep things interesting, enriching and fun. The participants went crazy over this innovative addition. By popular demand it soon became an integral component of his boot camp training sessions.

This inspired Corey to develop a hybrid group fitness program that both men and women want to be part of. It consists of easy repeatable hip-hop moves, kickboxing and boot camp drills all rolled into one. A goal of the program was to create a high energy music concert type atmosphere. With the right atmosphere, participants absorb the energy of getting hype and enjoy intense exercise rather than dread it. Corey began mixing his own soundtracks and is the mastermind behind the choreography. In describing his style, Corey said: “It’s not corny or hokey. It’s not going to be your typical Disneyland or Candy Land dance class. It’s meant to be cool.” So when you combine a high-energy instructor, the right music, the right moves and the right atmosphere you get the right mix of fun, high intensity exercise that will leave you exhilarated, drenched with sweat and result in positive change. Thus the birth of D-SKO Fitness!

The current expansion and success of D-SKO Fitness is credited to Corey and his wife, Erika. This power couple instructs D-SKO as a team. They’re friendly, kind, welcoming and excel at bringing people together. These two really care about getting the class pumped up and helping others achieve their fitness goals. D-SKO is steadily expanding throughout metro Detroit and beyond. If you are interested in becoming a D-SKO instructor or if you want D-SKO at the gym you go to make sure to contact Corey Sims at or call 734-578-5084.

So where did the name, D-SKO, come from? Corey is from Detroit so he wanted a class that had its origins from where he’s from. It’s “D” as in “Detroit”. And as a homer sports fan, Corey developed his own version of the old English “D”. This is an original class born from where he’s from and it has an attitude that comes with it. D-SKO is an acronym that stands for “Detroit Style Kept Original”. In addition, Corey and his wife encourage everyone to “Do Some Kind Of Fitness”. They created a wild high energy fitness concert atmosphere so people will be motivated to stay active and do this kind of fitness. That’s the story behind the name. Oh, and one more thing, since the class is dance based, it’s obviously a play on the word “disco”. But it’s pronounced “Dee-scoe” NOT disco!