Interview With D-SKO Founder, Corey Sims


What is D-SKO and what makes it unique?

“There’s simply nothing else like it. D-SKO stands for Detroit Style Kept Original. It’s also a motivating acronym: Do Some Kind Of Fitness! D-SKO is a hybrid mix of hip-hop, kickboxing and boot camp. It’s all about the right moves, the right music and the right atmosphere. What makes the class unique? It’s taught in the dark! There’s a hype-man! There’s sick blended soundtracks and easy to follow choreography! D-SKO MC’s work the stage and get the crowd going. This makes the class come to life and escalates the energy big time! It has the feel of a small live concert for fitness. This makes D-SKO FITNESS a premier experience. Not only is it a workout but it’s also a performance!”


Corey, what inspired you to create D-SKO?

“I noticed that the most popular group fitness classes that have music and dancing as the main attractions tend to be repetitive and not very intense. Also not many men participated. As a Boot Camp instructor and a DJ I started to put a class together for a small group of people and it’s evolved into what it is today. One idea led to the next and D-SKO was created. D-SKO is not your typical cutesy Disneyland or Candy Land dance class. It’s meant to be cool. The style is solid, tough and powerful so both men and women enjoy doing the movements. And the fusion of kicks, jabs, hooks, push-ups, jumping jacks and squats interwoven throughout definitely turn up the intensity level.”


What is the history behind the name?

“I’m from Detroit so I wanted a class that had its origins from where I’m from. It’s also the Music City so I wanted to tie the city name with its music background. This is an original class born from where I’m from and it has an attitude that comes with it. Since we’re in more places than just Michigan we also expanded the meaning of the name to encourage everyone to Do Some Kind Of Fitness. And since this class includes dancing, it’s obviously a play on the word “disco”. But it’s pronounced “Dee-scoe” NOT disco.”


You have recently participated in Friends & Family Community Day – Back-to-School Suicide Prevention & Awareness event at Ford Field in Detroit, with your free pop-up D-SKO Fitness class. Are there any plans to hold more events like this and other charity events overall?

“Yes. We’re doing the same event again next year and we’re always considering similar events. We’ve also done numerous free pop up classes around metro Detroit, participated in free events for Healthy Moves Opportunity Detroit and were featured in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan A Healthier Michigan.”


Is D-SKO available only in Michigan?

“No. As we train new instructors they take it to whatever state or country they’re in. Currently we’re in several states and even in England.”


What is your favorite part of each D-SKO class that you and Erika teach?

“My favorite part is when we get a very excited and appreciative class. It’s thrilling when they really get into it, go all out and sing along to different songs. The infectious energy is incredible! It makes moments that are motivating for everyone. And it’s such a touching and fulfilling feeling when participants’ share how much they enjoy the class and how it’s helped them. That makes me remember how much I enjoy teaching D-SKO. In addition, each new program and arrangement of music I put together has moments that I personally enjoy and get excited about.”


Do you really burn up to 800 calories each workout?

“Definitely! I wear my fit bit every time I teach my class. Results can vary obviously but yes sometimes it can be that high.”


Where can fitness enthusiasts find you, if they would like to try your class?

“The best thing that they can do is look us up online and find where we currently are. It’s a list that’s always evolving. Our website is dskofitness.club and we’re also on Facebook and Instagram.”


What kind of advice would you give to D-SKO beginners?

“Well, since the lights are dim there’s no need to feel intimidated or shy. You’re not being stared at or standing out. It’s a comfortable atmosphere where you can focus on having fun, moving to the music and getting the best workout possible. Also, you do not have to be a dancer to take this class. I’m the first to admit I don’t have any technical training in dance. I designed D-SKO for people just like me. Take your time learning the easy steps. You’ll pick it up fast, have fun and put your own style into it. Adjust any steps you need to if you have injuries or limitations. D-SKO moves can be modified for all fitness levels. And once again have FUN!”


What is your ultimate goal for D-SKO program in the future?

“D-SKO would not be the success it is today without my wife, Erika. We teach as a power couple team and have exciting future plans for D-SKO. Our goal is to expand D-SKO as far as we can and get as many instructors as possible so that even more people can share with us! With D-SKO we’ve created a fun, entertaining fitness experience where you absorb the energy of getting hype and burn maximum calories. You’re not thinking about exercise as a hard or challenging chore. The live music concert climate and captivating choreography makes this class addicting. It’s the class you don’t want to miss. We’re always on the lookout for unique one-of-a-kind venues for our amped up D-SKO FITNESS concerts. So if you would like to try D-SKO contact me! We’re available for booking!”