DSKO FITNESS – The Fitness Concert, is the latest exercise craze hitting Detroit! Think of a music concert meets dance meets fitness. It’s an intriguing idea captivating everyone who tries it.

DSKO is a hybrid workout program that fuses hip-hop, kickboxing and boot camp all into one. There’s an enthusiastic emcee that works the stage, hype-men that escalate the energy big time, club lighting, DJ mixed booming bass and a fired up crowd singing, dancing, punching and squatting their hardest. It’s an effective workout and entertaining live show!





1.) First, D-SKO is more than a cardio dance class. It’s a brilliant 3 in 1 workout program. D-SKO promises cool, original, easy to follow hip-hip blended with muscle strengthening kickboxing and boot camp drills. This fusion of challenging plyometric movements turns up the intensity level! The kicks, jabs, hooks, push-ups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers and endless squats strategically interwoven throughout dance moves improve participant’s strength, power and agility. So not only will your heart race but you’ll strengthen and sculpt your muscles with this full body workout. Get ready to sweat and shed serious calories! (If you go all out you can burn 800+ calories!)


2.) Second, D-SKO is taught in a darkened room with club lighting! Why does that matter? Imagine going to a dance club but all the overhead lights are on, awkward environment right!? During D-SKO the lights are low so participants won’t feel like they’re being stared at or standing out. Rather than feeling shy they can focus on having fun and getting the best workout possible. In addition, D-SKO is all about giving you the right atmosphere. The party lights transform a typical fitness studio into an exciting club like venue. It creates a unique, superior and memorable experience.


3.) Third, D-SKO instructors hop on the mic and interact as MC’s. They’re the event hype-man! They work the stage and get the crowd going. It makes the class come to life and ignites excitement. This makes it less like a group fitness class and more like partying at a concert. Instructors playfully interact with the class by shouting out things like: “When I say _____, you say ____!” It engages participants and escalates the energy big time! This makes D-SKO a premier experience. It’s a workout and an entertaining performance.


4.) Fourth, D-SKO choreography is uncomplicated, easy to follow and repetitive. There’s no “5-6-7-8” or lengthy, complex routines to memorize. Each song features 2-3 dance moves so it can be picked up fast and fun to follow. And if you miss a move it doesn’t matter. Just move to the music and have a blast. Most people feel confident after 3 classes. So give yourself some time to get the hang of it. You’ll be a pro in no time.


5.) Fifth, D-SKO choreography has a distinct style rich in originality. D-SKO moves are cool, fresh, hard hitting and raw. Both men and women, young and old are drawn to and enjoy our signature style. We’ve found the cardio dance class scene is saturated with “cute” or “sexy” movements that some feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to do. D-SKO does not use those movements. D-SKO is not cutesy or hokey. And there’s no sensual hip rolling or twerking. The dance moves are powerful in style with stomps, chest pops, slides and freezes that flow with the beat. We do the Roger Rabbit, Cabbage Patch, Running Man, Surfboard, Jackson Five and much, much, more! This makes D-SKO unique when compared to other related programs. In addition, our D-SKO CREW peeps have admitted they use moves they’ve learned at class when at bars and dance clubs! So come and check it out for yourself.


6.) Sixth, a critical component of D-SKO is the music. It’s the heartbeat of the class. When the bass drops the up-tempo DJ mixed soundtrack drives participants to push themselves that much harder. We’re always mixing fresh new beats and swapping out old jams to keep things entertaining and enriching. We want you to hear music at D-SKO before you hear it anywhere else. Our music selection covers many genres without overplayed radio songs. The song duration is strategic with numerous peaks to escalate the excitement level. This creates a high energy high endorphin atmosphere that leaves participants adrenalized and satisfied! D-SKO is more than a workout it’s an amped up fitness concert!


7.) Seventh, ALL abilities are welcome. D-SKO Fitness encourages everyone to take the class at his/her own pace and modify movements to meet his/her fitness needs. There’s no reason to feel discouraged or overwhelmed. D-SKO is about having fun and achieving personal fitness goals. We encourage everyone to Do Some Kind Of Fitness!


D-SKO Fitness… the Fitness Concert!—Channel your inner Usher and Do Some Kind Of Fitness